Stages of Development – 13-18 Months

Motor Milestones

  • Walks independently and seldom falls
  • Squats to pick up a toy
  • Stacks two objects or blocks

Feeding Milestones

  • Efficiently finger feeds
  • Increases variety of coarsely chopped table foods
  • Holds and drinks from a cup with or without handles
  • Active tongue lateralization
  • Emerging rotary chew
  • Practicing control with utensils-fills spoon with food
  • Fills spoon with food
  • Controlled, sustained bite on soft cookie
  • Controlled bite on hard cookie

Sensory Milestones

  • Helps with getting dressed/undressed
  • Has a regular sleep schedule
  • Eats an increasing variety of foods

Self Help Skills

  • Holds arm out for sleeves or foot out for shoes
  • Pushes arms through shirt sleeves and legs through pants
  • Begins to get undressed
  • Doffs socks and shoes

  • Removes hat

Red Flags

  • Unable to take steps independently
  • Poor standing balance, falls frequently
  • Walks on toes
  • Doesn’t pull to stand
  • Can’t crawl to climb stairs
  • Doesn’t use pincer grasp (thumb and forefinger) to hold small objects
  • Overly sensitive or completely unaware of stimuli like loud noises and different textures
  • Doesn’t enjoy being cuddled or touched by parents
  • Becomes upset when dealing with certain textures

  • Shows unusual level of fear whenever feet are lifted off of the ground

  • Doesn’t hold eye contact

  • Doesn’t respond when name is called

  • Fatigues during feeding/feeding takes an excessive amount of time

  • Avoids getting messy during mealtime

  • Drools excessively