Stages of Development – 0-3 Months

Motor Milestones

  • While lying on tummy (prone), bears weight on arms
  • While laying in prone, lifts and holds head up

  • Opens hands
  • Brings hands to mouth

Communication Milestones

  • Quiets or smiles in response to sound or voice
  • Turns head towards sound or voice
  • Shows interest in faces
  • Makes eye contact
  • Cries differently for different needs (e.g. hungry vs. tired)
  • Coos and smiles

Sensory Milestones

  • While laying on back (supine), attempts to reach for a toy
  • While laying in supine visually tracks a moving toy from side to side
  • While laying in supine, head remains at midline
  • Able to calm with soothing rocking, touch, and/or gentle sounds
  • Enjoys a variety of movements

Feeding Milestones

  • Latches onto¬†nipple or bottle
  • Tongue moves forward and back to suck
  • Consumes at least 2oz. of milk per feeding
  • Sucks, swallows and breaths well during feeding

Red Flags

  • Difficulty lifting head
  • Stiff legs with little or no movement
  • Does not follow toys with their eyes
  • Frequently resists being held
  • Does not enjoy different types of movement
  • Does not cry when hungry or uncomfortable
  • Does not notice or respond to loud sounds
  • Does not make eye contact or smile at caregiver
  • Unable to latch on while nursing or bottle feeding
  • Fatigues during feeding/feeding takes an excessive amount of time
  • Loses a lot of breast milk or formula out the side of the mouth while feeding
  • Suck, swallow, breathe seems uncoordinated