Current Openings

To inquire about an open position:
Contact Susanna Ortiz at 559-228-9100 (option 2)

We have the following open positions:

Occupational Therapist Positions:

Full-Time Occupational Therapist: 1 in Kern County schools; 1 Fresno Clinic(s); 1 Fresno County Schools

Full-Time Occupational Therapist with target start date in August 2018: 1 Salinas area schools; 1 Santa Clara County

Part-Time Occupational Therapist: 1 in Salinas Area

Physical Therapist Positions:

Full-Time Physical Therapist at CCS in Fresno and Merced Counties. Will work at CCS in Merced 2 days per week and 3 days at CCS in Fresno.

Part-Time Physical Therapist: Work 2 to 3 days per week 3 locations available: CCS Fresno (3 days), CCS Merced (2 days), and CCS Hanford (2 to 3 days).