Goodfellow Occupational Therapy has been helping my Autistic son for over 10 years. They are an amazing team of skilled and caring therapists that have become more like family to us. They have always put my son’s needs and interests first when developing a plan for him. They were always available to answer my questions or concerns and were willing to adjust goals when needed. I can’t say enough nice things about Goodfellow Occupational Therapy-they’re the best!

During our time at Goodfellow OT, I have seen my son’s confidence, strength, and abilities grow immensely. I never thought my son was an OT candidate, but I’m forever grateful for the therapists we’ve had and their ability to push my son to greater heights; he loves OT.

My son’s progress has been remarkable. We love his therapist, and he is excited about his session every time. Goodfellow has been such a blessing.

My son’s therapist has improved his handwriting and is helping him achieve his goals as a kindergartner.

Our therapist is wonderful. She is professional and is wonderful with children. She is encouraging and fun to work with. My son has improved under her care, despite his health issues. She comes up with new ideas every week to keep it fresh and fun but still reinforces the skills that my son needs work on. She provides a relaxed and safe environment. We have seen a lot of improvement since coming to Goodfellow Occupational Therapy.

When our journey began at GOT, our son had a hard time with self-regulating, impulse control, tantrums, fine motor skills and sitting for a period of time. In the last 7 months we have seen our son button his shirt, pants, take a deep breath when he does not master things the first time, use his words instead of act out, recognize his emotions, and sit long enough to make a bracelet, paint, complete a project. These are accomplishments to celebrate and we give thanks to GOT and his therapist.

GOT came into our lives after our son was evaluated by a child psychologist who noticed his unique way of moving and awkward self-awareness and use of crayons and pencils. When we met our GOT therapist she was very warm and sensitive to our son’s needs. She knew how far to push him and when he needed to move on to another form of therapy. She really makes an effort to engage our child into his program and continually builds him up. Our son looks forward to therapy and for me as a parent, that is a victory in itself. Our son has expressed a desire to challenge himself in activities he would have never attempted before OT and for that we are grateful and would definitely recommend GOT to anyone in need of a great referral.

Goodfellow Occupational Therapy has been wonderful for my little one. All the staff and therapist are so caring and helpful. I would recommend Goodfellow to everyone.

Having a child with special needs is a challenge in itself…This place has been a godsend. The therapy my child gets here is not only helpful to him, but as a parent it gives me hope to deal with people who are always looking for his good qualities and seem to enjoy his personality. The feedback and guidance we have gotten has also been invaluable.

“While children think they’re just playing, parents see them growing!” GOT provides families a comfortable and friendly environment to reach and teach skills to all children, turning struggles into success!

Over the past 2 years, our 3 year old son has enjoyed weekly therapy sessions at John Goodfellow Occupational Therapy (Goodfellow). During our time at Goodfellow, our son has greatly benefitted from experienced and professional therapy and care from several therapists. His therapists were exceptional. We could not have asked for a better team. With weekly therapy sessions, diligent training and constant reinforcement from his team of therapists, he has accomplished many feeding, daily life and play skills, as well as, specific occupational therapy goals. His accomplishments, including improved physical strength and coordination, have far exceeded our expectations. At one time, we were uncertain about his fine and gross motor skills, however, with the significant improvements seen through his therapy sessions at Goodfellow, we are much more optimistic about his future motor ability and skills. We are very proud of our son and applaud his team of therapists for their constant commitment and dedication to his success. Our gratitude and gratefulness is immeasurable. A special thank you to his therapists and all student therapists for the time, patience, persistence, attention, dedication and care you have shown our son.

We have been a client of Goodfellow for 2+ years and we have seen a steady improvement with feeding. We came in with a full aversion to solid foods and now, with the tireless assistance from our therapists, we are eating grilled cheese and pb&j sandwiches, crackers and trying new foods every day. We still have some more progress, but we are absolutely moving in the right direction and are extremely pleased with the progress to date.

Working with GOT has been really awesome. They are very professional and extremely knowledgeable. The OTs are very easy to work with and have always addressed every concern, issue or question that I’ve had. Our therapists have taken the time to learn what works best for our son. Goodfellow was the best choice for us. They are very flexible and are always willing to work with our changing schedule.

I have been bringing my grandson to OT for a year. Mom, dad and I have seen a change in my grandson. We are learning how to work with his disabilities. We are able to make his teachers aware at school of what works and what doesn’t. We began with one therapist working 1-1. Now we have graduated to three children and 3 therapists at one time. It gives children and the therapist to work together and come up with great ideas. The children reap the benefits of working with other kids that have the same problems. I would highly recommend this type of treatment and Goodfellow Occupational Therapy.

Goodfellow OT has been an absolutely wonderful experience for my son. He loves coming to OT and seeing his therapist. She does an amazing job each week with him and makes him feel comfortable while also getting him to progress each time. We have seen so much improvement from coming to GOT and very happy with the personal connection with the staff.

We love our therapist! My daughter absolutely adores her therapist and she loves coming to her therapy sessions. I have learned so much from our therapist about my daughter’s development and behavior patterns. All of the advice she has given to us has been extremely helpful. We are so thankful for everything that Goodfellow has done for our family. I would recommend Goodfellow to anyone!!

Our daughter progressed a lot with the weekly therapy at GOT. We also learned things we could do at home with our daughter. All therapists were positive about her future. One therapist told us “the skies the limit.” That’s very important for us to hear and for our morale….

My son came in with extreme sensory issues. He couldn’t eat, feed himself, touch or even look at certain textures. He is now feeding himself steak and almost has no noticeable sensory issues. It has changed my entire family’s lives. We are forever grateful for the therapy we have received here at Goodfellow.

Our son has been in OT therapy for about a month. He does really well with his therapist. I’m really grateful for all her help and her help with recommendations for our son at home.

My daughter has made great improvements in her behavior and personality after starting with Goodfellow. The skills that we have been given to use at home are so helpful and make our days manageable rather than stressful and chaotic. Our therapist is great! She is patient and kind. She gives great direction with firm boundaries. My daughter responds so well to her. Honestly we have gone from feeling overwhelmed with our child’s behavior to empowered knowing that we are able to help her and our family succeed.

A highly skilled and quality staff of occupational therapists that starts right at the top with the owner. I really can’t say enough about the effectiveness of treatment our son has received from GOT over time. We would and do recommend GOT to friends and family in need of occupational therapy.