Regional Director’s Statement

Goodfellow Occupational Therapy welcomes Laurie Ferrell as the new Regional Director for our Goodfellow Therapy Monterey Bay (GTMB) office. Laurie joined the Goodfellow team in November 2013 as an occupational therapist and supervisor for the staff of the Marina office. In February 2014, she was promoted to the position of Regional Director.

Goodfellow Therapy Monterey Bay has been serving the Monterey Bay region since 2010. Goodfellow Therapy Monterey Bay is a private pediatric occupational therapy clinic and school-based practice that serves this community to help children and their families improve their lives.

Goodfellow Therapy provides a variety of occupational therapy services including medical, educational, and early intervention. We work with children with a variety of diagnoses including autism, down syndrome, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, developmental coordination disorder, developmental delay, and neuro-muscular disorders such as cerebral palsy.

Goodfellow Therapy Monterey Bay is conveniently located in Marina, off Highway 1 and within walking distance of the Marina Transit Exchange. We provide a free 30 minute consultation to determine whether a pediatric occupational therapy evaluation would be appropriate for your child.

Improving the lives of children and their families!